Buying your next board

"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that God's got a

sick sense of humor and when I die I expect to find Him laughing..."

"Depeche Mode"



..But if you are like me and you want things to be in a special way, then there's a million things to decide on..

Colors, obviously.. Is it possible to get the board in your choice of colors ? Case, Surface, Pips, Checkers etc.

Checkers.. Size ? Tournament size is either 45mm or 50mm but there are many different materials, thickness etc. Do you want them flat or with a "dimple" in them ? Light or heavy ? Marbles or single colored ?

Surface could be synthetic fiber, textile, felt, or leather. The wooden boards may seem nice but are not available in tournament size and usualy not supplied with shakers, larger checkers, cube or precision dice.

Will you be travelling with your board ? How heavy is it, how sturdy is the design and the material ?

Below I give some advice and link to some manufacturors but these are in no way the only ones available and my taste is bound to be different from yours so go ahead and make your decision based on your own knowledge and tastes.


869 BG (Turkey)

Handmade in Turkey, these boards are fabulous value for the money. The surface, a flocked fiber material, is super smooth, well "balanced" bounce of the dice and since the pips are printed there is no edges or linings in the playfield.

The surface is also very easy to clean, shoud it be stained

See video here of how to clean it

ANY choice of colors and design makes the design unique and "one of a kind", if you wish. Checkers are 45mm and in my opinion a bit light and the dice are not precision dice but that can be bought seperatly ofcourse.

Price range is around 500€ and I recommend buying thru the link below, thru the UK.

Check out my gallery of 869BG Boards and some pictures from the workshop in Istanbul HERE


FTH Backgammon (Germany)

German handicraft, available in many different sizes, colors and designs. The 50mm checkers is a marvel to play with, smooth, perfect weight and slides amazingly over the felt surface. The pips are sewed in. I opted for the oval shakers but round are available as well.

Precision dice and cubes are also available in several different colors and sizes.

In my board (pictured) I also opted for the corner pockets for the cube, as to not block the checkers when bearing off.

Communications with FTH Backgammon is fast and flawless and they are very willing to listen to all your adaption needs.

HERE are some pictures of FTH boards


The legendary boards from Geoffrey Parker, the board you can either spend half a fortune for or just go and win the World Championship or the Nordic Open, some of the tournaments sponsered by Geoffrey Parker

This is, in my opinion, as good as it gets and I can't recommend it enough, even though it IS a big bunch of cash to put up... Start saving and decide on your colors, this is the board you want to have...

I have some pics collected HERE

P-40 Backgammon (USA)

The latest addition among boardmakers and perhaps the most techically advanced board, with easily replaced surface, a cube thats doubling (hehe) as box for your dice

Many choice of colors and extras, such as the baffle box and the carrying case shows how thought thru this board is...

"By backgammonplayers, for backgammonplayers"

P-40 promises great value for your money and I frequently use mine as a travelboard.. also check out the ceramic checkers.. awesome !

GAMMONER (Germany)

Germany knows quality and Gammoner might well be number one in german backgammon boards, and perhaps even world wide, value for money / luxury / playability weighed together

I opted for FTH which is similar in design, feel and look at a bit better price, but as with everything, or most things, the price is there for a reason

Check out Gammoner before you decide on what board you want or you will wish that you had

PS. Gammoner is my overall winner on price/quality etc. 


Colorful, designer boards from France, available from pocket size to portable, travel and all the way to tournament size or even as a complete furniture

Hector Saxe is one of the boardmakers that sticks out in the crowd, why dont get a case in fur (fake) or in a neon colour of choice instead of the traditional black

I paid them a visit in the workshop in Paris and took a few pictures, HERE