"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that God's got a

sick sense of humor and when I die I expect to find Him laughing..."

"Depeche Mode"

P-40 BG

(Acquired 2017-04-12)

P-40 BG

The latest addition to the big names in boardmakers.. American based Company who seems to have thought Everything thru properly.. First and foremost, the website www.p40bg.com has a most WONDERFUL "Board Builder" feature where you can mix and match color schemes as best you like.. If you haven't tried it, get to it..

Beware the risk of missing work for a few Days...

You can upload a logo of your choice straight in the builder as well..


If and when you do manage to decide on the colors, you need to move on to the accessories, also supplied in well thought thru variety, not to much and nothing missing really.. The scrambler, Think what you wish but its there if you want it.. chouette-cubes in a set.. love it !

Travel bag, unless you plan to have people come over to your house every time, this is a great addition.

Extra Surfaces ! Easily replaced on the P-40, if you wanna mix it up with colors by mood.. or freschen up your board after you've had it for a while..  I Went all in for the scrambler, chouette cubes and the travel bag.. Perhaps a Clock that fits the board will be a future addition ?

Until then, did you see the BG Buddy APP ? Great scorekeeper AND Clock, amongst other things.


Board arrived and I can really say it is tremendous to play on.. I love the texture of the playfield and how the checkers slide over it. Also, as great as the board builder is the colors are even better live.. All credit to the P40 team for getting everything right here.. This is AWESOME

After having had my trial run at the Nordic Open I can also say that the scrambler will be used more and more since it gives NO cocked dice


With a extra playfield set you never need to get tired of the choice of colors you made.. just loosen a few screws and slide out the playfield and replace it with the new one..

10 minutes and you have a NEW board..  Is there such a thing as a playfield collection ? well, I have two.. so far :D


How do you like these new ceramic checkers ?

To be honest my first thought was they are not gonna be very nice to play with but after giving it a spin I must say I was wrong, they are VERY nice.. Heavy, solid, durable..

And gorgeous as well.. If you are in Göteborg, Sweden, come by and we'll play a few games..

If you can't wait to get your own, www.p40bg.com is where you buy them..

So, replacing your playfield.. I said it takes 10 minutes but once you've done it, the next time will take less.. I did it under 5 minutes.

Remove 4 screws on each side of the board. Pull out the bottom rail and corners. Slide out the playfields. Slide in the new ones.

Hook on one side at a time, it is easier if you do it with the board open. reattach screws. Good to go.. happy playing

OBS. You don't need to remove the corners (keep the bottom screws on) unless you broke them and have the whole replacement kit.