German handycraft at its very best, one of the most satisfactory boards to play on, the 50mm checkers and the king size model is what I ordered.

Sticking to the black and orange theme, but going with a lighter case this time.

Communication was easy and I felt that my wishes was very well understood and incorporated by Volker, the craftsman himself


Decided to stay with orange, black (charchoal) and grey


I'm going with silver for the corners and lock-details


The contrast of the white framework and the dark interior turned out great, the colors are just what I wanted.

The perfection in details are just right. I couldn't decide on the orange, transparent, doubling cube, or the newest addition to the accessories, the aluminum cube, so I got both..

Inside the board there was also added a little bonus with 2 extra checkers, just in case. LOVELY ! Come try it out :)

"Maybe not your FIRST backgammon board, but probably your LAST"