Geoffrey Parker



The Rolls Royce of backgammon boards.. The holy grail.

Geoffrey Parker has been making exclusive games since 1958, backgammon boards since 1961, and has made boards for celebrities and for world champions

Several times did I try to convince myself to spend the money needed for this, or rather to convince myself I DONT need one.. that I have a great board.. which I DO..

Then I see one at a tournament, a trophy board for the world championship or for Nordic Open, or a player who already went down the same road and got one for him/her self. Thing is I do NEED one.. No getting around it

Below is the result and my order..


The website offers some pictures and colorselections but what was really helpful was getting these color samples

Some I could quickly decide against but there was still a long process of trying different combinations

Should I do Black, Pink and Sky blue ?

Should I do Orange, Black and White ?

Is Red, Navy Blue and White the way to go ?

Looking at what others have decided for I got some ideas but still felt like I want to be as unique as possible without having a board I get tired of in a few years.. this is supposed to last a lifetime


A Black case, but with the leather type "Automotive Hide"

A Grey playfield

Orange and Black pips and checkers

Cups also in Black Automotive Hide


Order is sent to Geoffrey Parker and full payment is sent, better get the nasty part overwith in a hurry

The Automotive Hide is in backorder and the wait will be a bit longer than usual... tick tock, tick tock.



The Automotive Hide has finally arrived (from Sweden), at the same time as everyone who pre-ordered their P-40 boards keep posting their immense joy for their new boards... Eagerly awaiting to be able to post some GP Board pictures to counter...


Production is scheduled to begin


The board is finished ! Going thru final quality controls and will be ready to ship real soon


The board arrives... It's like a early christmas !! See all the wonderful pictures below