Swedish Open 2018 - RESULTS

"I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think that God's got a

sick sense of humor and when I die I expect to find Him laughing..."

"Depeche Mode"


Sebastian Wilkinson - Moses Budak (Super Jackpot)

Tommy Berggren - Sebastian Wilkinson (Super Jackpot)

Christian Sörensen - Kimon Papachristopolous (Super Jackpot)

Thomas Rönn - Moses Budak (Super Jackpot)

Kimon Papachristopoulus - Robert Lindbom (Super Jackpot)

Robert Lindbom - Moses Budak (Super Jackpot)

Sampo Niskanen - Robert Lindbom (Super Jackpot)

David Asplund - Sampo Niskanen (Super Jackpot)

Ralf Jonas - Kimon Papachristopolous (Champ FINAL)

Ingrid Söderstjerna - Thomas Delbåge (Talent FINAL)

Ralf Jonas - Carter Mattig (Champ SEMI)

Thomas Rönn - Tilman Söhnchen (Super Jackpot)

Ralf Jonas - Johan Norberg (Champ)

Jörgen Granstedt - Omid Badiei (Champ)

Omid Badiei - Jalil Kiabi (Champ)

Thomas Rönn - Jürgen Orlowski (Champ)

Thomas Rönn - Christian Sörensen (Champ)

Arda Findikoglu - Benjamin Friesen (Champ)

Götz Hildsberg - Kimon Papachristopolous (Champ)

Kimon Papachristopolous - Arda Findikoglu (Champ SEMI)

Ralf Jonas - Mårten Howe (Champ)

Laila Leonhardt - Janne Bergström (Champ)

Götz Hildsberg - Cyrus Vafa (Champ)

Arda Findikoglu - Thomas Tenland (Champ)

Thomas Rönn - Timo Väätäinen (Champ)

Sebastian Wilkinson - Matt Reklaitis (Super Jackpot)

Ralf Jonas - Tim Line (Super Jackpot)

Laila Leonhardt - David Asplund (Super Jackpot)

Ralf Jonas - Timo Väätäinen (Champ)

Orlowski/Winkelhaus - Bergström/Rönn (Doubles)

Laila Leonhardt - Timo Väätäinen (Super Jackpot)

Ralf Jonas - Götz Hildsberg (Super Jackpot)

Ralf Jonas - Paul Barwick (Champ)

Orlowski/Winkelhaus - Fröschl/Aronsson (Doubles Final)

So, what did the players Think of the tournament ? Here are some 1-5 evaluations, answered by 34 of the 93 attendants, regarding the Venue, the Format, this Website, the Side Events, the Currency accepted and the Streaming/Recording services

The overall verdict was only 4's and 5's, fantastic !!

And some of the very kind comments and feedback :

"10+ I kindly thank you all. Very well done!"

"I like the idea of triple cruise and I think that gives enough time for a triple elimination. To prevent people leaving the boat after being knocked out I would recommend to place an attractive event starting Saturday also. Maybe save Super Jackpot for Saturday?"

"Side-by-side was interesting side action. Just a shame more didn't take up the challenge. I thought this a little strange, since it is effectively the same game? Perhaps you would attract more with a lower entry? Finally, the three of you did a brilliant job. Mate, I noticed was an invaluable member of your team, in addition to all the streaming, he was constantly running around clearing tables, keeping things tidy and anything else that came up. Big respect! "

"With all my experience, i am very glad to comment you did it good!!  "

"This was a well run tournament. For me, the single format is fine, I do not even need the Captain's trophy. Instead I only played in the Main and in the SuperJackpot, and I would play - when it is possible - in a Highroller Event"

"32 player Super Jackpot should have 4 prizes decided by director (16 players 2 prizes, 8 players 1 prize) - instead of draws to fill sheet for speed, just let people jump in where they want. It's fun to challenge a friend to Speed or one pointer and it will fill the sheet very fast. - EBIF qualifiers (https://www.ebif.at/) reserve 4 spots on the sign up for EBIF winners. It will be good publicity. - I think you should aim for having your desk a little elevated or at least wider. You have people literally standing on top of you when you work, a little distance might be pleasant. You guys did fantastic - Thanks again!!"